The Holidays are upon us and there is a lot of excitement.  Everyone’s cooking and decorating and getting everything ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Here are a few pointers to help you have a safe and happy holiday season.

  • Don’t overload your wall sockets.  If you have too much plugged into one socket you can cause a wall fire, breaker may continue to trip, someone can get injured touching a cord to unplug it.  When a wall plug is too full, it over heats and can burn the wires of what is plugged into the socket.  Use surge protectors, they allow you to plug up to 6 or 8 things at one time and when not in use you can shut off everything by shutting off the surge protector.
  • Surger
  • Check your kitchen and bathrooms for GFCI plugs.  These plugs automatically shut off when the wiring gets hot.  This is something everyone should have and you can probably receive a discount on your home insurance having them.
  • GFCI
  • Keep all appliance cords in the sockets near them.  Don’t put your refrigerator and freezer cords on an extension cord to plug in from the garage, etc.  The extension cord may not be heavy enough to carry the current from those appliances to the wall socket.
  • Don’t staple or nail Christmas lights up. You may accidentally fray the cord the lights are on and may shock yourself.  Tape them with heavy packing clear tape or use double stick squares to hang lights.