Every time you do one of the above you are using your fingers and hands to send the messages, etc.

How often do you clean your phone screen?  Do you wash your hands before and after you use your phone?

Phone surfaces carry a buffet of germs and each time you use your cell phone surface you leave germs and pick up germs.  Germs are transmitted from hand to mouth just by not washing your hands and sanitizing your cell phone screen.

It may seem irrelevant, but every time you touch a doorknob, push open a door, touch the microwave in the break room, the light switch, someone else’s stapler, etc. you pick up germs on your hands.  Then you touch your cell phone and you’re eating with those same hands while using your cell phone.

STOP and take the time to wipe off your phone screen.  A sanitizing wipe weekly will kill most of the germs sitting on your cell phone and allow you to keep your self from getting sick from germs you put on your cell phone screen.

turned on iphone x with yellow case
Photo by Essow Kedelina on Pexels.com

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