Are you wearing the right mask?  The news reported that one must be careful of the mask you wear.  It has been reported that wearing dust mask and scarves over your face are not protective.  When someone coughs in one of those coverings, the droplets can escape and still hit those around them.  This is what was shown:


Be mindful, wearing a mask is to help you and those around you, it does not protect you to the point you don’t have to social distance.  There are several things that will help you protect yourself:

  • Wear the proper mask
  • Keep your eyes covered
  • Do the 6 ft distance
  • Use hand sanitizer that is 72% or more
  • Once inside, wash your hands and face
  • Change your clothes if inside for the rest of the day

Keeping yourself safe, keeps your family and those around you safe.  The “new” normal may be masks for quite some time, take a deep breath, accept and do your part.

Take care and stay safe.