Welcome to our Hump Day Scoop (Newsletter).  COVINGTON’S CONSULTING & SERVICES, LLC.

Welcome to our Hump Day Scoop (Newsletter).  COVINGTON’S CONSULTING & SERVICES, LLC.

A Recent Success Well, what do you do when business gets slow………………….. You write a book, it will be available by the beginning of October.  When things are slow, keep doing the last thing God told you to do, never stop moving.  You are only on pause. covingtonsconsulting.com/product/godluvsunomatterwhat/

Welcome to our Hump Day Scoop (Newsletter).  COVINGTON’S CONSULTING & SERVICES, LLC.

COVINGTON’S CONSULTING & SERVICES, LLC is the umbrella over two dba businesses under it.  COVINGTON’S CONSULTING & SERVICES, LLC  “Bringing it all together into one atmosphere!  We can provide safety, business coaching, building assessments for structural damage and safety hazards.  COVINGTON’S  & SERVICES, LLC came to life last year in the wake of COVID and God has taken it to places that has been phenomenal.  Cherron is also a published author, “You Have To Laugh To Keep From Crying!” on Amazon and book two will be available soon.

NO ORDINARY KLEANING “Your Pet Peeves are Our Pet Peeves”

The virus is still running rapid, there is yet another new strain.  You must understand it is an airborne virus, it is in the air.  Keep wearing your mask, Until the environment can break down the molecules of this virus to dissipate it, the virus will be with us awhile.

  • Wash your hands and face when coming from outside.
  • Wash or wipe everything down when in from the store.
  • Wash new clothing before wearing.
  • Use hand sanitizer that is at least 70%, it works better for you until you can get to soap/water

The COVID virus is airborne, spray your environment with Lysol, it breaks up odors and also cleans the air. Yes, cleanliness (TODAY) IS next to godliness.

S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Training for Another Chance Academy

“Teaching them to fish to eat for life!”

Currently we are in the process of preparing our Train the Trainer program.  This program will

train individuals to teach our programs in:

Highway Maintenance                                                      Warehouse Technician

Environmental Services                                 Business Ownership to an LLC (online only)

We will make you all aware when the Train the Trainer program is ready to roll out.


Is what we provide.  Enjoying it all, helping individuals improve themselves.  You can contact us at www.covingtonsconsulting.com or cecovington@covingtonsconsulting.com

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Cherron Covington, Owner/CEO


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