A big fan of yours

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This letter is in regards to Cherron Covington (CC).  Cherron did many things while living in Jacksonville, FL.  I met her when she was running her cleaning company. She hired homeless veterans and ex-offenders, providing transportation and a meal while they worked.  Cherron worked with the shelters in the city and hired many individuals to work. Her specialty was construction final cleaning. When construction came to a halt, she took the time to become the authorized OSHA trainer and created an environmental service program.

Cherron began teaching her program to the same individuals, homeless veterans and ex-offenders.  Cherron began teaching her program in 2008, by 2012 she had graduated 10 classes, 150 individuals; 60% went to work, 10% went for more schooling and 3% became business owners.  One of her graduates wanted to work with juveniles to keep them from going to prison like he had.  Cherrron introduced him to the public defender and he is still employed today, working with juveniles, appearing in court on their behalf and speaking to groups and audiences in Jacksonville.

Cherron permitted a non-profit organization to continue using her program while she ran for a State Senate seat.  She felt she could make a bigger difference for the district that most of her previous employees and past training participants lived.  She didn’t win, but the margin was very close.  Cherron was honored by the Duval County City Council for her dedication, commitment, and hard-work the Jacksonville communities. She was also appointed by two mayors to various boards for the city.

I know Cherron will make a difference in Dallas, as she really has a heart for the people she serves.  She has a servant’s heart and the people feel it coming from her.  Cherron will be a great asset to the city of Dallas.

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Glorious J. Johnson

Former City Council Member, At-Large Group 5