2012 I met the Honorable Shinseki , former Secretary of Veterans Affairs, on his visit in Jacksonville, FL.  He visited the mission, where I provided my environmental service program for homeless veterans.  An amazing opportunity and unforgettable, having him tell me thank you for what I was doing for the veterans.

Ms. Newby,

Thank you for your interest and ongoing  assistance  for homeless Veterans.  Eliminating Veteran homelessness by 2015  is  one of Secretary Shinseki highest priorities. I have attached a copy of VA’s Homeless Veteran fact sheet to this message.  The Homeless Veteran website provides an overview of VA’s initiatives and programs offered to homeless Veterans and their families. You can access the website at

I am happy to pass your regards to Secretary Shinseki. Thank you for your daughters military  service to our country.  You must be very proud of their achievements. While as Federal Employees we cannot participate in political campaigns thank you for getting into this campaign I am sure the voters of the 9th District of the State Senate will benefit from your involvement.  Please contact Mary Rooney in my office should you require additional information. She can be reached at 202-461-1874 or by email at


Pete Dougherty

Associate Executive Director, Senior Policy Advisor

Homeless Veterans Initiatives Office [075 D]

Office of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs

1722 Eye Street, NW Washington, DC 20420